Complete your profile

You are contacting local customers who are interested in making an informed hiring decision and your profile is your advertisement. You can contact customer before completing your profile, but we do not recommend it. It only takes a few minutes to complete your profile and having a complete profile will increase your hire rate. 

Of course, the more you complete the better, but you should at the very least add an image, explain your services in the about section, and, perhaps most importantly, get some reviews.

  • Profile Image - This is your first impression to the customer. A clear picture of you or your business logo works best.
  • About section - This is where you can share additional information about your business such as philosophy, experience, history...etc. For the customer who is searching for the right pro, additional information about your business could help lean them in your direction.
  • Get Reviews - Professionals with reviews get hired 68% more than those without. We make it easy to get reviews. You have a private review link at the bottom of your profile that you can share with past and present clients.

Our profile setup process will guide you through each section of your profile. Just start at the top with your business information section and follow the prompts until the profile is complete. This is something you only have to do one time and the results will have a lasting impact on your ability to successfully get new customers from our platform.

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